Thursday, June 21, 2007

Maui Fish Tacos

Best Fish Tacos ever! This is a recipe from a place called "Maui Fish Tacos" - an awesome taco place on the island of Maui. We've been to Maui twice with family and these were the best, for sure! There's three secrets to make them!

- Mahi Mahi (works the best)
- Pace Picante Sauce (or your favorite salsa)
- Cabbage
- Mayonnaise
- Tortillas (get some good ones...home-made if possible)
- Cheese (optional)
- Guacamole (optional)

Hot to do it: super easy!
1) Cook up the Mahi - I like to do it on the grill, but you can cook it in a pan of hot oil too. Just heat up the oil and "sear" it first, then cook it through. I usually season the fish with some generic seasoning salt.
2) Mix up the sauce: Mayo + Salsa...about 2 parts Salsa to 1 Part May; you want it kind of a "salmon" color.
3) Chop up your cabbage, grate your cheese, and if you want...prepare some Guacamole (but that will change the taste of the salt).
4) Serve open faced: 3 tortillas on a plate, add the sauce, then cabbage, then fish, then top it with the cheese and enjoy.

The secrets are the Sauce and the Cabbage - tips we got straight from the pros at the truck.


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Anonymous said...

This was yummy! I utilised a white onion, a few of very small sweet peppers and a complete chunk of smoked salmon ( not lox).
I additional some purple pepper and served it more than corn pasta mainly because
I am gluten 100 percent free. Genuinely wonderful recipe!

Here is my web page; comments