Thursday, June 21, 2007

Maui Fish Tacos

Best Fish Tacos ever! This is a recipe from a place called "Maui Fish Tacos" - an awesome taco place on the island of Maui. We've been to Maui twice with family and these were the best, for sure! There's three secrets to make them!

- Mahi Mahi (works the best)
- Pace Picante Sauce (or your favorite salsa)
- Cabbage
- Mayonnaise
- Tortillas (get some good ones...home-made if possible)
- Cheese (optional)
- Guacamole (optional)

Hot to do it: super easy!
1) Cook up the Mahi - I like to do it on the grill, but you can cook it in a pan of hot oil too. Just heat up the oil and "sear" it first, then cook it through. I usually season the fish with some generic seasoning salt.
2) Mix up the sauce: Mayo + Salsa...about 2 parts Salsa to 1 Part May; you want it kind of a "salmon" color.
3) Chop up your cabbage, grate your cheese, and if you want...prepare some Guacamole (but that will change the taste of the salt).
4) Serve open faced: 3 tortillas on a plate, add the sauce, then cabbage, then fish, then top it with the cheese and enjoy.

The secrets are the Sauce and the Cabbage - tips we got straight from the pros at the truck.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Mint Tea

This will be the best mint tea you've ever had. The best part? You only need two ingredients; mint leaves and water.

We have fresh mint growing in a pot (amazingly easy to grow - just buy a plant for $5, put it in a pot and there you have it). All you do for the tea is add some mint leaves to the boiling water. EASY!